Stone, marble or wooden floors in our homes and business premises look amazing but over time, use and abuse, they can become drab, tired and dull-looking, which is where a good floor restoration London company would be able to help. 

From mirror-like shiny floors to dull-lifeless ones, owning a stone or marble floor can feel like a short-lived asset, but with floor restoration techniques, you can be assured of a great looking flor again. With some good companies, they have found ways and strategies to help clean up, rejuvenate and replenish the look of your floor without the need of replacing tiles or portions of the floor. Simply using a blend of the right cleaning fluids and cleaning implements, in a variety of ways and order, means that the shine can come back and make your home or commercial property look amazing again.

It takes a real specialist to know what they’re doing when it comes to floor restoration London. It doesn’t matter if it’s natural stone, slate or limestone; a good cleaning company can make the floor look brand new again, for a fraction of the cost, and after removing all kinds of bacteria, dirt and stains, the floor not only looks better but is safer to use for dogs and children. 

Tried and Tested Floor Restoration

A good floor restoration company will offer to clean a portion of the floor for free, so that you can see the results first-hand and decide from there. This is a great way to check to see the difference without any payment. Within seconds, the company will probably have you as a new customer, as restoring slate flooring or stone flooring is tricky.

With tried and tested methods, the floor can be cleaned, stripped of dirt and nastiness, and sealed to prevent it happening again any time soon. This helps stop any future damage from staining, dirt or marks, and leaves the floor cleaner for longer. For the best results, regular cleaning by the owner and a cleaning specialist is recommended, ie once a year or sooner, to ensure that you keep on top of the look, feel and cleanliness of the floor. Stone floors are often the most common ones that people have that need floor restoration in London as they mark so easily. They look great when new or when just cleaned, but can quickly become drab and lose their appeal with over-use.

It is possible to keep on top of flooring, but it takes a lot of effort, time and tools to ensure that happens; whereas employing a floor restoration London company will help save time and effort, and the result will be better by them too.

When looking for a good company that does floor restorations, ensure that they offer free patch testing, free quotes and comply with the British Standards IICRC - (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate), meaning that you can be assured in leaving your flooring in good, capable hands.