Owning a car that’s over 3 years old means it will be due a road worthiness test once per year, and if you’re in Kent, then you might end up Googling MOT Bromley to find a good MOT station that can carry out the test. An MOT is a multipoint check of your vehicle, whether that be a commercial van, car or motorbike, and a qualified MOT tester will check for a variety of areas that are part of the UK guidelines for roadworthy cars.

A sample of those areas that are checked include:

- Tyres - they must have a sufficient amount of tread which not only makes it roadworthy but helps the care handle correctly including gripping the road when steering, brakes and accelerating.

- Lights - the MOT Bromley tester will check the condition of the light housing to ensure there are no cracks, that they are situated at the right height and won’t dazzle oncoming traffic, and that they all work including indicators, headlights, side lights and brake lights to name a few.

- The battery and electricals must be in good working order

- The steering and suspension shouldn’t leak and should work properly with no tears or rips in any of the rubber gaiters or bushes - The brakes should work effectively and the exhaust should not emit more CO2 gas than is permitted

Other areas that an MOT Bromley service centre would check would be the horn, to enable you to notify other road users that you’re approaching, and that the windscreen wipers clean the windows effectively with no streaks or missing in the area of vision.

Normally, MOT centres in Kent will be looking for any areas of the care that is not an MOT failure but needs attention in the future, this may be corroded brake lines - which could go brittle and snap causing brake failure; tyre tread that is low but not under the legal limit and therefore should be thought about being changed soon; and brake pads and discs that might be wearing close but not over the limit. These checks and notifications are helpful as the car may not pass next year’s MOT test if nothing is done about them in the meantime. Having limits and rules helps all cars on the UK roads be above a sufficient level of road worthiness meaning that all cars are safe to other road users and pedestrians.

A good MOT Bromley repair centre will recommend that an annual service be done at the same time, meaning a change of oil, air filter, pollen filter, brake pads and any faults remedied to ensure that the car is in tip top condition. No MOT work would be carried out without the permission of the car’s owner, so you won’t be in for a shock payment when you’re due to collect the car. Many MOT Bromley centres offer accident damage repairs and other services, so that you know your car is in good hands should any repairs or work needs doing in order to pass the car through the MOT test. It’s also good to note that some specialist MOT testers can test motorbikes, special vehicles and vans at the same place, while others just focus on cars and vans. It’s a good idea, before your MOT is due, to have a pre-MOT check which will prepare your vehicle for its MOT before the test.

This will mean that 99.9% of the time it will pass, unless something else happens between now and the test, so that you know you can have a fully-safe and roadworthy car before the due date of the MOT test. If you are looking for a good MOT Bromley centre in Kent, then take a look at the websites, reviews and companies that are close that have a good reputation and choose them for your next MOT.